Creative Strategies: Typography

For the final animation edit of The Great Granny Heist of 87 I worked on the Typography for intro and end credits. I kept it simple and made sure that it kept the same colour scheme as well as hinting at the theme of how it looks like it is innocent but it turned out not to be.


Creative Strategies: Hair and Clothing

For the hair I wanted to get it close to my original concept, so I used the curve tube to block out the different section of hair;


I then used smaller pieces of tube to create some details in the hair;30hairde

Hair topology:


Once the hair was complete it was time to make the finishing touches and start on clothing, before going onto clothing I re-topologized my model using the Zremesher like last time and created a new topology, this time around I made sure to keep in mind how I wanted it to flow and also looked back at my research for good topology from the BBC project. Having good topology before going on to the clothes is important as it will lay out the correct topology for your clothes and you’ll have clean topology to cut out the clothes from.

After the topology was done it was time to move on to the clothes, for this I duplicated the body and used the lasso tool to cut out the clothing and hide unwanted areas of the body. I cut out the jumper that my character is wearing then deleted the hidden mesh, which left me with just the jumper mesh that I could add creases to which I researched jumpers for.


Warm in winter
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Once I had the creases in place I then Zremeshed the jumper to have a smoother topology;32jumper

I then moved onto the jeans and used the same method and added creases to where the material would naturally crease and buckle so I looked up a reference for this too;


Image result for low rise jeans womens
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I then Zremeshed this as well;


I then moved onto the socks of my character and used the inflate tool in the deformation tab which gave is a puffy looking effect which was perfect for the socks and then when in with the clay buildup tool as before and added the proper wrinkles that I was looking for in the socks. I used this as reference:

Image result for karla spetic
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