Walk Cycle: Poses

For our first task of the semester we have to pose models into action poses. I personally love doing movements so I think I will enjoy this. Our lecturer Alec Parkin told us to get into teams so instantly my team that I had been in for first years short animation project wanted to work together again, which I am very glad about because I know we work almost harmoniously together and we would be able to create something great.

My Team:

First on the agenda was to find poses that I would like to re-create using Joe Daniels rigs, I looked at different ballet poses as well as different super heroes like IronMan and SpiderGwen and found a few good poses. I also looked into the photographer, Weiferd Watts, who took absolutely stunning photos of ballet dancers and they all have really interesting poses that would be fun to re-create.

Click for source

Click for source
Firstly to get started I looked at one of Joe Daniels videos on how to use his rigs and he went into detail about new things that he had added to make the rigs more easy to use, which was extremely useful as I did not know there were toggles in the channel box that I could use to more areas that I didn’t know could be moved, for instance the finger joints;

When working with the rig to create the different poses I know I needed to take in to consideration as to where the different weights would balance out in certain poses, as well as thinking back to life drawing last semester when we looked at weight and balancing.

Here are the models in the different poses that I did;team

This was a great exercise to start off with for when we go onto actually doing the walk cycles with the models. Especially as it gets us used to the different rig controls on the models before we get started on making them walk.


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