Placement: The Beginning

We’re going to Bournemouth! We were chosen for our Re-Cycle pitch which is exciting!

After we all got to Bournemouth and got settled, our first week was very busy.

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th July

We had an early start, getting up at 4am to catch our 6am flight, me Lorna, Kristina and Cassie all went to catch the first flight to Manchester then Southhampton. When we got to Bournemouth University it was such a beautiful day, the sun was out and roasting us, I did not expect such good weather. We were greeted by Tracy Ricketts who showed us to our lovely house, then around the campus and in the studio. This was all incredibly exciting.

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Monday 10th July

We started at 9am and some of the other teams that actually study in Bournemouth had to show us where the Studio was. Everyone was very nice and welcoming to us. We spent the first morning setting up our various accounts we would need to use the computers in the studio and submit our work in the competition. We also got a tutorial on how to rent equipment in the facility such as cameras and tripods etc.

Tuesday 11th July

We had been told before we came to Bournemouth that we would be expected to present our pitches in front of the charities, the other teams, and the hosts. Most of the day was spent rehearsing our presentation and finalizing any changes. We were very nervous!

Here is our presentation that we had prepared

Wednesday 12th July

Each charity and the various mentors introduced themselves and gave us small presentation explaining who they were and why they were doing the competition. After lunch, the teams had to give their presentations.


Team Nurb Alert was second to present and I was very happy with how it went. I thought we came off very professionally and the critique we received was very good. Listening to the other teams also gave us some insight and ideas on how to improve our own work.

Here is the feedback that we had gotten, it is all something to consider when applying the changes that we want;

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Thursday 12th July

On Thursday we had camera training in the Bournemouth green screen studio. It was really interesting learning about proper filming equipment and the different settings.

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Friday 13th July

Friday was our first day we were free to do our own work. The Team agreed we would work from 9 am. to 5 pm. every day with a lunch break from 12 pm to 1:30 pm. It actually went by really quickly. I made a start on modeling the new character designs that we had created from our feedback that we had received from our presentation the other day.

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Saturday 15th July

We kept our Saturday and Sunday free in our schedule for the team, we decided that we wanted to sight see Bournemouth and check out the shops and beach. We had an amazing time on our outing.

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Placement: BFX Submissions

After working hard in creating the storyboards, as well as model tests we put together our pitches for the competition.

Our team:

Phoebe Long: Director, Lead Animator, Compositor and Lighter

Kristina Stankyte: Lead Environment Modeller, Technical Director, and Dynamics

Meabh Gilheany: Creative Director, Texturer, and Editor

Robert Caldwell: Lead Rigger and Concept artist

Rebecca Thompson (me): Lead Character Modeler, Lead Texturer and Lead Concept Artist, while also helping in animating and rigging

Knock on the road entry:

The script: A knock in the Road – Ella Grace Kennedy BFX

Our pitch video:

Click Here for our Knock in the Road Pitch Document

Life of Layton Entry:

The script: The Life Of Layton – Emily Drew BFX

Click here for our Life of Layton Pitch Doc

Placement: BFX Competition

Now that we are done with 2nd year we are now into 3rd year, Placement year, which is scary yet also exciting. I wasn’t too sure as to where to start when it came to looking for placement but Becca Blair talked to me about the BFX competition at Bournemouth University where you create a pitch from one of the scripts that they release for two charities, I thought this was a great opportunity to get involved in but I needed a good team that would work well and were comfortable with each other as you would be staying together for 7 weeks while you are over there. I suggested it to Phoebe, Kristina Robert, and Meabh and we decided to become a team and have a go at applying to it.

In our first meeting, we discussed the different scripts for each of the charities which were, Recycle and Debra. Recycle is a charity where they get people to donate their old bikes to them and they give it to those who are less fortunate in which they do not have a way of transport, whether it be traveling miles for water or even just to go to work, which is a great charity, especially as it also trains locals to use the bike, as well as repair them if they were to break. Here is a video with more on it;

Debra is a charity that helps support those with EB or Epidermolysis Bullosa, which is an incurable skin condition that basically makes your skin and sometimes insides feel like they are burning, as they would blister and be incredibly itchy and painful. Those affected by EB would have to get their bandages changed every day which would be very painful, it would also cause the skin to scar and make their limbs sometimes fuse together. Here is a video with more information on it;

After looking at both of these charities and the scripts that they had we decided to create a pitch for both charities, this would also give us double the chance of getting in but we will have to manage our time well in order to complete both pitches to a good quality, as well as managing our own work for the final submission of 2nd year.

Personal Project: Rigging Duck

For the personal project I decided to rig the duck that I had modelled for the Amazing Grace project.


I took the duck model and organized the outliner ready for rigging;


To get a basic idea of the placement of joints I used quick rig which would work well with human characters, as you can see because my character is not human it didn’t work that well but it gave me a starting point.


I then went in and moved the joints to follow where i wanted them to have joint movement;

duck3 fixing positions mirror button

I checked it from all angles and then created the joints to make sure that they were in the right positions;

duck4 movein f s t view onlyduck5rig generation

After getting the basis down I exited the quick rig and when on to adding in the joints that I actually need for my character. I started doing the facial rig joints;

duck6 starting face rigduck7 facerig organising

Once I had the facial rig joints I parented them and the added in the tail rig;

duck8 mirrored

Moving on to skin weights, it easier to make the character go into different positions so you can see where is being pulled wrongly, therefore making it easier to spot and fix. Below you can see one of the poses I did in order to catch any pulling


I then went in a fixed these isssues and you can see that there is not more pulling in those areas


I then set up the controls using constraints. I wasn’t sure on how to do the facial controls, and if I had more time I would have set up a better control system as I wanted to do to one of the control panels for the face. I have to do this in the future as I am going to use the Duck in my showreel which I am going to have two, one for animation/rigging and one for sculpting.


Final shots


Creative Solutions: Grace Updates

When we got feedback from Joel he said that she didn’t look young enough, which I do agree with, so I gave her more of a button nose and made her face more of a V shape, and gave her face more S curves. You can see below how she looked before on the right, and how she looks now on the left


Something I also had to experiment in is how the nose should look, I showed Joel the below image and he liked the one without nostrils the best. More like Sofia the First.


I then moved onto the hair, since he wanted hair for when she is horse riding I had to do her hair in plaits. I took a picture of Jenny’s hair plaited for reference and then began to block out the hair;

Image may contain: one or more people and close-up

I used the curve tool in ZBrush to do this and the tweaked it when they were in place;



Doing the plaited part was quite difficult as it was a lot of tweaking and moving28hair

I then added in the fringe part, using the same techinique;


For her main hair, Joel wanted the strands at the side of her face shorter and puffier. I then also experimented with different face shapes as you can see below but he liked the original one best which is the first face;


I then added some color which made a lot of difference, and gave more life to the character;


Finalized hair

So Joel gave us feedback that he wanted more strands in her hair and that her fringe should be more short rather then it flowing down her face. So I went in and added more strands to the hair and fixed the fringe.

finalspin grace.0120finalspin grace.0032finalspin grace.0063


I did the same with the long hair;



Creative Solutions: Rabbit, Duck, basket and Carrots

Process of doing the rabbit model


Final rabbit


Uv Map



Tested different fur using paint effects, really loved the fluffy one at the endfluff rabbit fur and fuzz

Tried to apply with all over but it was making everything incredibly slow and was also hovering over the model itselffurproblem

Looked more like a mask and a bit weird.bunnyfuzz

Using the same technique I created the duck;duck

I then created the basket of carrots. I weaved the strands in and out of each other to create the basket look and then created the carrots


UV of the carrotsCarrotmapsleafmap